The sun is shining, the birds are singing

Today I had one of those days when you glad that it’s over. Today I was completely frustrated. Here is what happened.

I found out that I need to come to one of Schengen’s area country at 20-21 of September. Don’t ask me why, but it’s really really important for me and it’s not for fun purposes. So, till 20th of September I have 11 days. Normally, you would book your flight and room at local hotel and it would be enough. But here I need to apply for tourist visa and for doing that I need a lot of papers.

One of them is from tax department. It’s a paper that says that I have income higher than average (in other case no chances to get visa even if someone wants to pay for my trip, they say, how did you get money for trip if your salary is average, nobody cares, maybe I was saving for 10 years or my grandma died and left me a lot of money).  I’m currently self-employed, every 3 months I go to tax department and register my income. So they have all information they need. Sounds pretty easy to get this tax paper by my tax id, through making simple request to database they should be able to have all information. But no! They need TWO WEEKS for doing that. Can you imagine? They just don’t have database, they prefer keep a lot of actual papers in millions of folders like they probably did also 100 years ago. After long tries to explain that I really really need it asap, bored woman with annoyed face told that I can check maybe it will be ready in a week. No chances to pay extra for making it go fast. One chance for speeding it up, to find some connections in tax department, but I don’t have one.

In addition to that after applying for visa I need to wait around 10 days for embassy to approve my application (btw  apply I can only in town that in 600 km from here, 16!!! hours by our train to get there), so no chances to make it happen in time. Also as I have been told today if I apply for 2 days visa probability of my request rejection is high, because they will say that it’s weird that I want to go there only for 2 days, that something is wrong with my intentions. So I need to book a tour.  Among other documents for applying is bank account that proves that I have 120 euro per day for being there (even when you paid for tour already). Let’s say you want be there for 10 days, then you need 1200 euro per person. With average salary here in 180 euro per month, it’s pretty cruel, isn’t it? On the other hand, good thing is that I have already previous visas in my passport, in other case even with all documents gathered carefully I would have very high chances for rejection, tourist agencies say that with blank passport you have very high chances to fail this year.

And you know what? After all day of running between tourist agencies and tax department I found, that water at home is currently cut off. Actually we have no central supplied hot water for years, we use personal heating devices because of that, but now they also started to cut off even cold water EVERY day by random schedule.

If somebody tells me now that it’s normal country – I’ll bite you.