Sounds so simple…

Feeling this moment. Being in this moment. Sounds so simple…

Enjoying every bit of life, ignoring negative sides, concentrating on positives. Feeling fulfilled, happy, balanced,  harmonious. Noticing all beautiful things around, that nobody notices, creating own beautiful world from nothing. Being strong no matter what. Saying that life is beautiful even if everything is falling apart. And meaning it. With all your heart. Feeling connection with everything. Seeing God every day. All little sighs of his presence. Doing everything you can for making world brighter place. Helping those who feel down. Noticing when somebody can use your help and doing it. Living every day like possibly last. Connecting to people. Knowing that your life changed life of others to better. Living it. Living your life. Sounds so simple…


4 thoughts on “Sounds so simple…

  1. jobo says:

    It DOES sound so simple, yet it is so hard sometimes. I struggle with this a lot right now too. Completely. Thank you for reminding me…that it is simple, but it is also a mindset. If you aren’t in it, and aren’t allowing it, it won’t happen. It won’t be simple.

  2. Jessica says:

    Sounds simple, yes. But actually doing it?

    Well, I struggle, anyway.

    • whiteeecrow says:

      It’s definitely not easy, but possible. I’ve seen some great examples, so I believe it’s doable.
      Thank you for visiting, Jessica!

      p.s. Sorry for late response, I was away for a while.

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