Taking things for granted

During all this week my water heater was behaving very strange. It was turning off every couple of minutes, sometimes even more often. So all my showers were very fast and half cold (often I needed to go to the kitchen to turn heater in the middle of shower :)). Today landlord finally got it fixed and I could enjoy hot shower as long as I want. I don’t remember appreciating it so much for a long time. It’s so amazing to take a shower and don’t worry about anything… But a weak ago, when I had no problems with hot water I would take it for granted. So the bottom line is – it would be great if we could appreciate more simple everyday things that we have…  I’m going to try!


2 thoughts on “Taking things for granted

  1. thisbrokenhearthashope says:

    I agree! I sometimes stop to think about what I’m taking for granted. I think we all need to appreciate the little things more than we do. I’m glad you got your hot water back!

    • whiteeecrow says:

      Thank you! Yesterday my electricity was turned off for couple of hours (luckily, as they said that it could be couple of days) because my landlord had some small debts. So I had a chance to practice appreciation more :)

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