The shadow of your smell

I felt your smell today, out of the blue. Suddenly, I’ve got felling that you are around me. I felt like when we were together. I miss this feeling so much. For some reason, today I need you more than for a long time… And of course you have nothing to do with my life now. I can’t call you, I can’t even write you an email… I can’t connect with you at all… You are stranger.. You are nobody.. You’ve chosen to be one.. Who could think, that you can leave me behind so easy.. Isn’t it funny?
I’m still lost..


2 thoughts on “The shadow of your smell

  1. thaitieuthu says:

    no, he (i guess) can’t leave you behind so easy, because he’s dead inside. He chose to be a stranger to you because he has no other choices, life drifts people apart. He wants to call, connect, talk, smell, touch, hold, hug you the same way he used to. He still wants to fly 1300km just to see your smile. Hes always thinking about you, as you are, to him.
    After all, we are all connected.
    I feel you. We are all same.

    • whiteeecrow says:

      It’s funny thing, yesterday I’ve understood, there are also a lot of things that should remind him of me (though such reminders are just reflection of internal state). Before, as I live in town where so much memories connected to him and at same apartment I thought that for him it should be much easier.
      More I let it go, more I see everything better. Because through emotions you can’t see clear.
      Thanks for your comment, it confirmed my recent thoughts.
      And it’s one thing to understand it and another to read from you, I needed it.

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