The dog and the nail

A man had been driving through the country on an old dusty road and was looking for somewhere to rest and stretch his legs. He had been driving for some hours and had not passed any places where he could rest and recharge.

As the sun started its decent into the afternoon the man saw in the distance a small farmhouse. As he drove closer he could see an old farmer sitting on a chair looking out into his fields.

The man, who was in need of a break decided he would pull up to the farm and see if he could rest a while. The man pulled up on the roadside and walked up the well worn driveway. When he approached the old farmer he asked if he could sit next to him and rest a while. The farmer looked up with a piece of straw in his mouth, smiled and nodded at the man.

As the man walked to take his seat next to the old farmer he noticed an working dog lying beside the farmers legs.

Giving the dog a quick pat the man sat himself on the next chair and closed his eyes to give them a well deserved rest.

As time went by the man noticed that the dog sitting next to the farmer would suddenly howl and yelp in great pain then suddenly stop.

The dog did this 3 to 4 times in the hour he had been sitting there and finally the man looked over at the old farmer and asked, ‘why does your dog howl and yelp every now and then?’

The farmer looked down at the dog, shook his head and looked up at the man, the old farmer replied, “you see son this dog here is lying on a nail, but its only hurts enough to yelp about”.

The man looked at the dog and wondered to himself how many things in his life hurt only enough to complain about, but not enough to do something about.

It’s amazing how so simple story can reveal so deep things. How often we hear complains about job, marriage, money, health, life in general, but usually people don’t do anything about it.

Ask yourself if there are some nails you are sitting on? Maybe it’s time to stand up? Can you do something about it today? It can be something small, but it’s a step in the right direction.


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