Something more…

If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been. (Robert H. Schuller)

There is a moment in every person’s life when he/she thinks that out there should be more for this person. That all forgotten dreams still alive inside and they are waiting to be come true… Something that was so important at some life point and was forgotten because of daily routine or because of “maturity”. This moment for some people is the moment when they become happy, when they find their way again. And those people are not afraid to make changes, to change everything because they know that it’s not so scary like it seems or even if it’s really scary at first, they know that there are much more important things than fear and if you allow your fears to guide you on a daily basis you won’t be ever person you want to be. And it’s worst thing ever… Other people just scared too much or they are “too mature, too grown up”. They have too many duties to follow childish dreams. They have no time for that. They scare to lose what they have even if it’s not what they want. I wish I could share with all those people the feeling when you reach something really important, something that your soul really needed but you were scared to go for it at first and you overcame it, when you face your fears and become yourself, when you proud of yourself, when you feel that everything is possible, when you feel powerful despite the fact that you are only human being… We have chosen almost everything what we have in our lives. We make our lives by ourself.. It’s so beautiful thing to realize…


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