Ideal society

Today I had a chance to watch “Avatar”. What can i say? After such movies I usually feel that I don’t want belong to human race… For those who haven’t seen this movie, in two words, it’s about very deep living society that was strongly connected to nature, I would say was really twisted with nature and usual “human beings” that came to conquer land that didn’t belong to them, they didn’t care about beings that lived there, about their culture, they only wanted to get money… They started without any doubt destroying unbelievably harmonic system that existed hundreds of years.

It made me think again about ideal society. Is it possible to create one? Maybe it already existed or exists somewhere right now? Of course ideal things are utopian,  but maybe more or less we can reach something near to that.. Sometimes i think that i would be happy in some Indian tribe. Can you imagine living in harmony with nature, doing simple things, having a lot of time for your thoughts, no electricity, no internet, no tv etc.. ? Of course i understand, that there are a lot of disadvantages of such living, but it looks like this style of living is wiser.  I have feeling that we don’t understand nature deep enough. I’m sure that we can fulfill our internal spiritual energy using energy of water, sun, ground, wind, trees etc.. But we never really tried to do it… Progress is moving in money direction.. I’m sure that our existence by default suppose to be much deeper and possibility that we have to develop spiritually, come to another level of existence are very various and enormous… I hope that some day I will find out more about it and will be able to share the way to reach it..


2 thoughts on “Ideal society

  1. I used to think that I wanted to reject society and all it stood for… move out into the woods and never speak to anyone from the “world.” When I finally came to realization of how absurd that was I had to figure out why. That is, why is this a silly notion?
    Rejecting society and moving into the woods would be counterintuitive as to why I have chose to inhabit the material world. I must be here (as in, here in this life, in this body, in this time in history), for a reason. Maybe I am meant to find a way to harmonize the beauty of nature with the advancement of technology.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

    • whiteeecrow says:

      If you find the way, please share.

      I also have came to conclusion that if I am here, there obviously must be some reason for that. Maybe I am meant to create some kind of ideal society :). To be honest, I understand that for appreciating happiness one also needs to see opposite side from time to time. But still I think that for better personal developing, growth etc it’s better to surround myself with people that have somehow similar goals. Because no matter if we agreed to that or not surrounding influences us, more or less, depending on person. At this point I have got the idea of creating a group of people with same goals, interests and separating them (not fully of course, because it’s hardly possible) from “rest of society”. Though it looks like Utopia somehow, I assume this idea maybe worth spreading :)

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