New step

Today i realized one thing… He didn’t appreciate me the way i deserve. He didn’t value me enough. Because in other way he would never let me go. NEVER. And the fact that he is ready to live without me speaks for itself. Why do i still bother myself with pain concerning the fact that i lost him? Why do i behave so stupid? His actions said everything, why did i believe in empty words and why it is so hard to forget? The only thing that matters, what person shows with actions. Do words really matter if actions not follow them ?! So for now, i will try again to erase him completely from my mind, from my life. The person that i loved (still love?) doesn’t exist. Never existed in reality, only in my brain. It was only my dream, dream with sad ending…


2 thoughts on “New step

  1. justlistennn says:

    I’ve been there with a girl before. It’s good to realize it’s their loss, not yours, because if someone cannot see what they have then they really don’t deserve it. And I really like what you said to my post, about how it takes a happy person to make someone else happy. That couldn’t be any more true. I wish you all the best in continuing to try to get over this person, because I know how hard it can be.

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