Maybe it’s too pathetic to have first post about love.. but i have what i have… It’s my current stage and i think maybe getting this out of my head will help me to get it over with…

Have you ever been betrayed by person that you loved and who “loved” you? He/she told you that you are most important person in this world for him, that he will never hurt you, never let you go… That his love is bigger than Milky way, bigger than quantity of all drops of rain… And then in one moment he just gave up on doing things that had to be done for getting together.  He just decided to erase you from his life and even haven’t told about it. When you spoke with him in couple of months he said he almost got over it… Is it love? How can it be? You love person, you plan future together, he tells you that he is ready to die for you and then he just doesn’t feel strong enough to overcome some things that need to be solved..  Is it possible to love person and decide to give up on everything and after that be afraid to tell her? And just let her to be in uncertainty and suffer alone? Isn’t it stupid?


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